Event Introduction

The Shanghai Sevens are China’s largest international rugby event, attracting rugby teams from around the world. Starting in 2009, the event also became a stop in the HSBC Asian Rugby Sevens Series, making the Event the crown jewel of Rugby Sevens and IRB rugby development in Asia. Weekend attendance has grown  from 1,500 in 2009 to over 10,000 in 2012. 

2013 Shanghai7s will be composed of two main components:

The Shanghai Sevens will become the new home of the ASIA PACIFIC WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP. The top teams from the Oceanic and Asia are expected to participate, including Australia, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Japan, and host China.
The men's tournament will become one of Asia's top invitational Sevens tournaments with clubs drawn from places like France, England, Australia and others expected to join.
此次2013 Shanghai 7s将主办亚太女子七人制橄榄球锦标赛! 预计从大洋洲和亚洲的顶级球队参加,其中包括巴布亚新几内亚,澳大利亚,香港,日本和东道主中国。男子赛事将成为亚洲顶尖的七人制邀请赛,比赛队伍来自法国,英国,澳大利亚等顶尖俱乐部。

2013 Key Details:

Date: October 26th & 27th
Venue: Yuanshen Stadium
Ticket Price: 150RMB/2 day ticket
Expected  Attendance: 12,000 spectators through the weekend
日期: 10月26日和27日
门票价格: 150元/ 2天
预计观众人数: 12,000名

Event Hospitality - 2013 Shanghai Kick-off Dinner

All great rugby events are about more than just what happens on the pitch. Perhaps more than any other sport, it’s also about the social activities around the games themselves and it’s about the way all great rugby tournaments kick-off.  It sets the mood, it sets the attitude and it creates the atmosphere.

We invite the former All Blacks Justin Marshall and British&Irish and English International John Bentley to Speak at the Shanghai Sevens Kick-off Dinner. The past Long Lunch speakers include Eddie Jones, current head coach of the Japanese national rugby team and Glen Ella will also once again be returning.
所有伟大的橄榄球赛事都不仅仅只有比赛而已,2013中国国际七人制橄榄球邀请 赛的互动晚宴晚餐将邀请前全黑队的贾斯汀·马歇尔和英国&爱尔兰队伍的约翰·本特利等特邀出席2013中国国际七人制橄榄球邀请赛的互动晚宴并发表演讲,还包括现任日本国家橄榄球队主教练-埃迪·琼斯。

Date: October 25th, 2013
Reception: 6:30pm
Dinner Served: 7:00pm
Location: Grand Ballroom, Kerry Hotel Pudong, 1388 Huamu Road, Pudong
日期: 2013年10月25日
接待: 18:30  
晚餐: 19:00

Table of 10 seats: 9800RMB
Individual seats: 1080RMB
Book early to ensure you receive a top table!!
价格表: 9800元/一桌

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Shanghai Sevens Introduction 上海七人制橄榄球介绍